Letter: Women with political experience is a must for Sumter Cty Council


We must vote for Elayne Brunson for Sumter City Council Ward 2 now! Simply put, out of all the female candidates, Elayne Brunson is the only female candidate for office with political experience. In a time when we need better representation when it comes to local politics, Elayne Brunson is top pick.

I have known Ms. Brunson since she was a child. Even as a youth member of the NAACP and volunteer, Elayne showed a genuine and natural concern for the Sumter community. Elayne would run around helping with community service as much as she could, just as she continues to do as an adult. As a teenage poll worker, she was always going the extra mile to make sure voters were able to have their voices heard.

The years I've worked with Elayne at the NAACP, she has always been a pleasant, well-spoken and respectable young lady. She has always been willing to help think of as well as implement ideas for the youth in the City of Sumter.

She would be an awesome addition to the City of Sumter serving on the city council.



Lifetime NAACP member