Letter to the editor: Are Biden's actions saving the democracy of the United States?


Just so I am clear on this, my president, Joe Biden, is attempting to save the democracy by defeating a man he tried to keep off the ballot through his DOJ? That's democracy?

Does saving the democracy also include ignoring Supreme Court rulings because he and his party didn't like the highest court in the land deeming "tuition forgiveness" unconstitutional? And going full steam ahead with that cracker jack program anyway .... separation of powers be damned. You mean like that type of democracy?

Does saving the democracy also mean ignoring the rule of law on immigration? Where 8,000,000 illegal immigrants have entered this country under this administration. That kind of democracy?

The one job this fool has is to protect the Constitution ... and I have never seen a president rip it up as quickly as Joe Biden.

Listen, I do not want to vote for Trump. I truly wish there were an alternative. But there is not a snowball's chance I vote for what sounds like a man far more dictator than "saving the democracy" as president of the United States.