Letter to the editor: Thanks to Rep. Norman for COST Act and transparency


Kudos to Congressman Ralph Norman, R-S.C., for introducing the common-sense COST Act to ensure taxpayers are made aware of how the federal government is spending our money.

Most South Carolinians would likely be shocked that experimenters at Clemson and their collaborators wasted nearly $1 million of taxpayer funds in recent years to study what happens when you put turtles - including dead ones - on treadmills. Is this really how you want your money spent?

Rep. Norman's Cost Openness and Spending Transparency Act - which is also being cosponsored fellow S.C. Congresswoman Nancy Mace - would ensure that all federal grant recipients publicly disclose exactly how much taxpayer money they're spending and would withhold funds from rogue facilities that keep their spending a secret.

Taxpayers have a right to know who's paying the bills and who's cashing the checks, and our 3 million members in S.C. and beyond are grateful to Rep. Norman for leading the charge to ensure we do.


Vice President, Advocacy and Public Policy

White Coat Waste Project

Washington, D.C.