Letter to the editor: Powering through a pandemic - thank you


Building and maintaining the system that powers the lives of millions of people is no easy feat and not for the faint of heart.

Whether climbing a 40-foot pole or sky-high in an elevated bucket truck, lineworkers help return life to normal after storms, accidents and natural disasters. They ensure the electron lifeblood of every community continues to flow no matter the situation.

Lineworkers served communities while persevering through the pandemic the past year. As an essential worker, their heroic efforts provided a crucial service that allowed many individuals and families to stay at home and reduce exposure to COVID-19, while also keeping the power flowing to crucial facilities.

All across our region, the men and women of Duke Energy, Black River Electric and all other utility providers served us well through their dedication to their customers.

We recognize you often leave your loved ones and the security of your homes to answer our calls for help. We appreciate those sacrifices. Now, more than ever, your skills and dedication are needed to power the lives of so many.

While the official day of recognition is April 18, lineworkers are valued and appreciated each day for the outstanding work they do safely and reliably to serve customers and communities. I sincerely thank you, and your families, for being our essential heroes every day.


District manager, Government and Community Relations

Duke Energy (South Carolina)