Letter: Hastie is admirable, dedicated civil servant for Sumter


For anyone who doesn't know Calvin Hastie, which is probably few, let me introduce you to a great American and great Sumterite. I've known Mr. Hastie for over 10 years and personally watched him do things for people that you just have to admire. He is a dedicated civil servant trying to help everyone he deals with, not just the people in the district he represents on the city council or the people he represents in our legal system, but truly for everyone. Not only does he have a great focused vision for our city, but he has been executing that vision with passion and vigor. As an example, his leadership on Sumter's Vision In Progress (VIP) has been instrumental in helping bring our community closer together. As a board member for the One Sumter organization, I watched Calvin work with other civic leaders including police, fire, education, religious and political leaders, to help better inform and work toward better unity across our Sumter community.

Mr. Hastie established a summer youth softball program after seeing an unused ball field in a neighborhood with an unfilled need for a recreation program. He used this program to provide a recreation and education venue for local kids, got volunteers to help coach and even provided food and refreshments for many underserved kids while not in school. He has organized numerous trash cleanup events around the city, bringing volunteers from across our different neighborhoods to help each other - and have fun doing it.

I watched Mr. Hastie do more for his constituents on city council than any other member, working tirelessly to improve the conditions and provide opportunities in his district. But he also recognizes all of our neighborhoods' uniqueness while emphasizing that what is good for one neighborhood is beneficial for all as he works for constant improvement to our city as a whole.

As a retired Army officer, he consistently demonstrates the highest ethics we should all expect of our elected officials. He is a dedicated, motivated problem solver and will serve our city as its mayor just like he has served our country and his local district with distinction and vision. His support to Sumter's military members, veterans and their families is exemplary. From attending most all special events at Shaw to supporting the annual Veterans Day parade and sponsoring the Veterans Fish Fry in the Park to honor all the veterans in our Sumter community each year, Calvin Hastie is out front and leading by example. These views and opinions are mine and do not reflect a position of the Air Force or DoD.

Please vote! And elect the most qualified candidate for our next mayor, Calvin Hastie. The choice is clear, and the time is now.


Major general, USAF, retired