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Not doing the job at the federal level

We send our House representatives and Senate senators to Washington to act on our behalf. They are required to pass an annual budget for Oct. 1 through Sept. 30. What they do is to kick the can down … more

Rural communities should not be invisible to decision makers

Community residents and parents of students at Rafting Creek Elementary, Delaine Elementary and Mayewood Middle schools are rightfully concerned about the potential closing of their … more

Clinton has little respect for other women

I am blessed with the different women in my life ... my wife, sisters, friends. And when I hear Hilary Clinton explain her loss AGAIN, this time the reason being that women were told who to vote for … more

Businesses that rent Dumpsters plagued by other slobs using them

Businesses that rent Dumpsters plagued by other slobs using them I am responding to K.D. Singleton's letter to the editor that was printed in The Sumter Item on Friday, March 9, 2018, in reference to litter and Dumpster renters. I have several … more

Children want to walk out to get out of class

Has the Sumter School District decided on how to handle the student walkout scheduled for Wednesday? If you are in support of this, that somehow the majority of these children really are that … more

Give local businesses a chance before it's too late

Give local businesses a chance before it's too late It's happening do you see it? Online shopping has become so commonplace no one seems to be thinking of the adverse results. Local businesses, brick-and-mortar stores, are struggling and will … more

No area in Sumter is unaffected by litter

I was encouraged recently to see an article published in The Sumter Item which cited a public meeting called by the Sumter Litter Alliance to listen to citizens' concerns and to discuss its efforts to … more

Our government can't and won't save us from anything

Conservativism can't save us. Republican voters got what they wanted. A strongman to take back the country and fix the financial and social mess caused by Obama and the progressives. To celebrate, the Republican-controlled House, Senate and … more

Let's not demonize the wrong things or groups for tragedies

Does something need to change with regards to our current firearms situation? Yes, no doubt. But like everything in life, there is a right and wrong way of going about things. The new bill proposed by Rep. Brawley starts out with the wrong … more

The only hope for America is God and His commandments

Is there hope for America? The things we see in the news locally and nationally are terrifying and disturbing. Is there hope? In Psalm 78, we are commanded to teach the next generation about God and "his wonderful works that he hath done." Then … more

All politicians bought, sold by interest groups

Here is an idea ... Want to get the NRA out of all of the politicians' pockets? Me too. And while you are screeching about that, how about we get all pharmaceutical, oil, heck, any special interest money out of their pockets as well. Maybe, … more

Idiocy must stop if we want a strong America

Recently, a letter to the editor on a Fox network segment criticized the Democratic Party for its foolishness on DACA, immigration reform and many other segments related to immigration. They (the Dems) are more interested in "illegals" than in our … more

All lives matter, no matter our color

We are living in a world today, in my opinion, is a very dangerous world! Why in the name of all that is holy can't we get along with each other and never look at skin color? We were all made in the image of God. Each one of us when we bleed … more

Who is to blame for local funding problem?

The left and right hands of the government are not working together on the local government fund, "Sumter County councilman bothered by funding comment." Someone is to blame, and it needs to get resolved in a public forum. Either County Council … more

Governor respects state's veterans

Editor's note: This letter was sent to Gov. Henry McMaster in Columbia. Dear governor, In your State of the State report on Jan. 24, 2018, you stated you wanted to eliminate the state income tax on retired … more

Writer airs grievances about immigration and climate change

(1) Isn't it weird that in America, our flag and our culture offend so many people, but our benefits don't? (2) How can the federal government ask U.S. citizens to pay back student loans when illegal aliens are receiving a free education? (3) … more

Keep God in this great nation in which we are favored

Why do we as a people that are supposedly united a people of separation? We cannot agree on anything anymore. Do you think that maybe it just may stem from the example set before us by our politicians? The ones that we put in office to represent … more

Obama was a divider who used executive privilege

Mr. Brunson, Mr. Clyburn should learn to not throw bricks in glass houses or compare people to Nazis when his party clearly has more in common with them. "He began to do things to discredit … more

Letter should have included whole quote

It's unfortunate that the recent letter you published titled "Clyburn's Nazi comments were disgusting" fails to quote any of what U.S Rep. Clyburn actually said, causing it to be misleading. A recent … more

Clyburn's Nazi comments were disgusting

Clyburn's Nazi comments were disgusting I understand that in politics, claims and accusations against someone in another party can be pretty silly, hurtful, and well, shameful. And then we have Rep. Jim Clyburn comparing the Trump administration … more
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