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Religion can make some folks foolish

Let's imagine that Roy Moore is a Democrat and not a Republican. And let's pretend he's an atheist and not a Christian - or better yet, that he's a Muslim. How many evangelical Christian voters in Alabama do you suppose would give him the benefit of …

The left mocks prayer after U.S. tragedies

Sumter being a strong faith-based community that believes in the power of prayer, I thought readers might appreciate a Nov. 7 column in The Wall Street Journal by William McGurn. It's about how the people in Texas responded to the Baptist church …
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Notable & Quotable: Oct. 31, 2017

In The New York Times, Maureen Dowd writes, "Mark Cuban's Not Done Trolling Donald Trump." If you want to know just how surreal things have gotten, consider this: In 2015, Donald Trump had to decide between playing the president in "Sharknado 3: …
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Why pardon a turkey at Thanksgiving?

President Trump is getting his pardon pen ready, as the Mueller investigation starts indicting his associates. This Wednesday, he plans to practice on two very innocent Minnesota turkeys. The other 244 …

Veterans stand for our country, our people

On this Veterans Day, I've been thinking of the extraordinary men and women I've served with - two from Sumter recently passed away - Steve Guest and Sam Belin. Both were known for their love of patriotism and achieving maximum results from every …
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The clock is ticking for Republicans

Republicans continue their habit of lining up in a circular firing squad, killing all their attempts at actually governing. Governing? What's that? Isn't that what they were elected to do? This is a party that controls all three branches of …
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Raise gas tax before election-year politicking

Recent editorials from South Carolina newspapers: The Sun News April 6 Raise gas tax before election-year politicking Taxes on gasoline and other motor fuels are effectively user fees; motorists pay for using roads when they …
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