Letter to the editor: Thank you to power companies for hard work, dedication


I would like to this opportunity to thank the wonderful individuals of both Duke Energy Progress and Black River Electric Cooperative. Whether we are in the middle of an ice storm or recovering from a severe weather event, I witness these individuals work tirelessly to restore and repair the power and electricity services in our community. I know both organizations pride themselves on quality customer service and quick response daily and during times of crisis.

I would like to please remind our community during times of severe and unstable weather our community and first responders' safety always comes first. Please know there are guidelines in place to how and when electricity services are restored during various weather events. Please know the priority of power restoration is often based off the weather conditions and there is an order to which power is restored. Essential services such as E-911 and medical/hospital services are always top priority for restoration. We know it often takes longer than we as individuals like to have our power restored, but please know both Duke Energy and Black River along with their partners are working as fast and hard as they can to restore your services. Believe me, our power companies are just as unhappy as you are when you do not have power services.

Often the work of our power companies goes unnoticed and is unappreciated; I along with the leadership of Sumter County would like to thank you all at Duke Energy Progress and Black River Electric Cooperative for your hard work and dedication in serving the power and electricity needs of our community. It is truly a privilege to work alongside you all on a daily basis and during unstable times.

Many thanks.



Sumter County Emergency Management