Letter to the editor: Thank you to all who helped with school board area 8 campaign


I want to thank all those who helped me in my campaign for Sumter County School Board Area 8. It was a collective effort that included my family, friends, campaign team, local elected officials, public and private school teachers, and most importantly, God and the good citizens of Area 8.

I am most proud of the fact that we never went negative. We kept it honest and positive, and I'm proud of that.

I'm thankful for the other candidates that put their time and effort into running. Campaigning is hard, especially if you are doing it right.

I look forward to working with Dr. Wright and his administration, the new board and the leadership and continuity that the incumbents on the board will provide. Most importantly, representing the values and principles of the folks who placed their trust in me.

Last [Tuesday] night, the good people of Sumter told us loud and clear that they want transformative change, and that's precisely what they will get!

We will build a school system that every citizen, young and old, can be proud of.

So grateful and humbled.

- Exodus 18:21-25