Letter to the editor: Reading about good people like Miss Judy will cause us all to strive to be better


Thank you for writing that article about Judy Lessard. It is refreshing to read stories about good people who are kind and make a positive contribution in our community. Please keep finding those people and writing articles about them!

Judy Lessard, "Miss Judy," was one of those kind, wonderful people who had a way of making you feel important. My son and I met Judy at McDonald's before he was 1 year old. She had on her big smile and started talking to us and paid a lot of attention to Paul, as she must have done with all of the children. We loved going to McDonald's to see "Miss Judy" and eat their cheeseburgers! When Paul was about 16 months old, I took a picture of him in a cotton patch, wearing overalls. The picture was in your paper and later in a magazine. Judy cut the picture out of the paper and put it on her refrigerator. Many, many years later, when I would see her she would always say that she still had the picture of Paul in the cotton patch on her refrigerator. She always asked what Paul was doing and seemed to rejoice at each of his accomplishments. He is 39 now, but he said he has good memories of Miss Judy and how nice she was to us. I thank God for the thoughtful people in our town, and I hope you will continue to write stories about those people. Reading stories about those good people will cause the rest of us to strive to be better people.