Letter: Vote for Brunson for Sumter City Council Ward 2 seat


I'm very proud to endorse my granddaughter Elayne Brunson for Sumter City Council Ward 2. She is 36 years old, a progressive innovator who has the energy, vision and leadership skills to help move the City of Sumter into the 21st century. She recently received an award for Top 20 Under 40 Young Professionals in Sumter, Lee and Clarendon counties sponsored by the The Sumter Item and Greater Sumter Chamber of Commerce (Editor's note: in 2019).

My granddaughter reminds me a lot of myself. I am a civil rights advocate. During my presidency of the Sumter Branch NAACP, I brought about many changes in the Sumter community that the residents of Sumter County are enjoying today. Elayne Brunson will be a team player. However, like me, she believes in holding the team accountable if needed. She is an image of her grandfather, having spent an enormous amount of time with me helping people throughout Sumter County.

For several years she has attended city council meetings, which has given her first-hand knowledge of city government. Elayne is willing to work with the leadership of Sumter to keep moving forward in a positive direction and will speak out on issues when necessary. Elayne is currently a member of the City of Sumter Community Development Housing Board, the Sumter County Cultural Commission and is a sponsor for Sumter County Recreation and Parks Department.

Elayne Brunson has a community servant spirit, showing compassion for the community in the following ways:

1. Elayne renovates property in Ward 2 and other communities of Sumter, creating affordable housing;

2. Elayne donates gift baskets to homeless women;

3. Elayne spends Saturday mornings on a litter pickup in Ward 2;

3. Elayne is a soccer team sponsor for Sumter Recreation and Parks Department for over five years; and

4. Elayne organized an emergency dropoff/pickup at her office of emergency goods during the 1,000-year flood in 2015.

Given the opportunity to serve on Sumter City Council, I believe you will be more than pleased.


Former president, Sumter Branch NAACP