Letter to the Editor: What spirit does Rabbi Germaine represent?


I would like to respond to the postulation by Rabbi Germaine, "To be or not to be," printed on May 27. I am sure you are a very smart man; however, I would like to put forth a different view on abortion. You used Exodus 21:22 to support your position. That verse is not a good verse to use because it is talking about two men fighting each other and accidentally one of them injures a pregnant woman, and the baby (I use baby, not fetus) dies. This is a rarity as well as the baby having to be aborted because it has some type of serious birth defect, or the mother being raped by some evil man. Rape is a terrible thing to do to a person. I believe in a harsh punishment for those who commit rape. Birth defects and rape happen in less than 7% of pregnancies.

Allow me to give a couple of other Bible views; Jeremiah 1:5: "The Most High told Jeremiah, 'Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew you; and before you came forth out of the womb, I sanctified you and I ordained you a prophet unto the nation.'" In Isaiah 45:1-5, the Most High told Isaiah the following about King Cyrus of the Persian empire, 150 years before King Cyrus was born; King Cyrus was anointed to rule by the Most High. The Most High also gave King Cyrus his name, and King Cyrus was to be His servant. All this and more were prophesied about King Cyrus before he was even born. Isaiah said in Isaiah 49:5 he (Isaiah) was formed from the womb to be the Lord's servant.

If these people were to be born today, they might not make it out of the womb alive. Abortions should be rare, not the norm. Abortion as it is used today is the slaughter of the unborn. The Most High says in Proverbs 6:7, "He hates the hands that shed innocent blood." Nothing is more innocent than a baby in the womb. Yes, there are people who think killing the doctors who perform abortions are justified. But this is misguided and evil. Two wrongs do not make a right.

Sex is meant for procreation, and the Most High has designated and designed the female's body to carry the results of sex, a baby. There are other methods that can be used to prevent the process of pregnancy from taking place. But most men do not want to use them because of a misguided idea of pleasure. They do not want to use a prophylactic because it is cumbersome and interrupts the process. Both males and females do not want the results of a one-night stand (baby) to interfere with their lives.

Rabbi Germaine, you carry the title of rabbi, which means spiritual leader; with your support of abortion, I must wonder what spirit you represent? Also, I do not follow the teaching of so-called great sages, for they are men and they are usually wrong. Many great sages of yesteryear, both Jewish and Gentile, said my people (Blacks) were not fully human. But the book (the Bible) of the Most High has always said we are all made of one blood. (Deuteronomy 32:8)