Letter: Hastie is involved in community, knows how business works


To begin with, he is a proven leader. With 20 years in the Army, he retired with the rank of lieutenant colonel. This proves he has leadership skills. Post-retirement, he attended law school and became an attorney. This he did in his 40s. After becoming an attorney, he worked in the corporate field for 10 years. Presently, he has his own law firm in Sumter. He understands business and how it works.

Councilman Hastie has been on city council for 10 years. That lets you know that he understands city government. In addition to that, he is the pastor of St. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church. Attorney Hastie has been followed by The Sumter Item on numerous occasions. His involvement in the community has been documented by The Sumter Item. Many community articles have been written about his involvement. He appears to be an excellent candidate for becoming the next mayor of Sumter.

He has received numerous medals and awards over the years. Councilman Hastie is well-traveled and is quite knowledgeable in many areas. As I cast my ballot, it will be for Councilman Calvin K. Hastie Sr., the best candidate for the position.