Letter to the editor: Is U.S. leadership prepared for now and the future?


On this day, I am so thankful that I was born in the 1930's and not in this century. What a wonderful time to live. We were respected not only from within, but even by our adversaries. Sure, we had WWII, the Korean War and the Vietnam War, but nothing as bad as what our present president is leading us into. Forget his terrible economy, our national debt, our open border, the people living on sidewalks, our terrible crime rate, etc. Think about all of our enemies that he is allowing to enter our country every day. How about all of the "single men" invited in - all capable of doing harm to our country, especially the Chinese who are moving to areas close to our nuclear weapon sites.

How about the drugs, the mentally deranged, those bringing prostitutes and little children for slavery purposes, and those causing crimes and planning great harm to our industries, and our people. Retired U.S. Army Gen. Keane has pointed out the dangers facing our nation many times, but most especially now that we have an axis of evil - consisting of four major countries preparing to do both us, and our allies, great harm - China, Russia, Iran and now North Korea, who just joined Russia as part of their evil network. Our White House and some of our liberal media have tried to keep this from us, just as the White House seldom mentions the murders, crime rates and the rapes committed by those coming across our open borders. Nor do they mention our military deficiencies caused by lack of recruits, lack of their skills and lack of an increased military budget because of money spent on "political giveaway programs to gain the liberal vote," lack of oil and other war surplus equipment because of what we have given to Israel and Ukraine, etc.

As for what I said at the start of this letter in regards to the earlier wars in my lifetime (I served in two of them). Many were killed because we weren't prepared. Fortunately, however, we were made up of great leaders, millions of patriots who immediately joined up or were drafted. Those who weren't in the military worked in defense plants, raised food crops and purchased war bonds. Everyone helped in the war effort. Now, however, I'm scared!? Not for old guys like me, but for our country, and for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Remember, many countries have a nuclear capability now. Do you remember what a nuclear weapon can do? Does our present White House leadership really know what to do now or in the future?

Where are our leaders? Where are our planners? Look around you, check the news daily, think about the situation. VOTE.

Is our present leadership qualified to run our country? Could they even make qualified decisions? Are our people properly briefed on potential wars? What would the White House do? Are they prepared to protect our country and the well being of our people? Ronald Reagan was a great leader and a great president. He always said "Peace through strength." And he backed it up. Why don't we listen, before it's too late?


USAF retired chief master sergeant