We can't turn off this bad national soap opera


Most of us have watched soap operas for their entertainment value, outrageous plots and intentional distraction from reality. While the antics of Donald Trump were initially somewhat entertaining, I no longer find him amusing.

His proclivity for disregarding truth, his affinity for stroking his ego, his inability to maintain focus, his apologetic tone to Nazis, his wink of acceptance to the KKK, his bromance with Putin, his disloyalty to anyone who challenges his agenda of the moment, his moral deficiency and his unwillingness to be the president of all of us are but a few of the reasons why Trump's tenure in the White House is dangerous.

He is eroding the dignity that was once a hallmark of the office of president. He is deepening the divide among people with diverse views. Further, his impetuous and frequently thoughtless tweets and his unwillingness to work cooperatively with members of his own party contribute to his ineffectiveness as commander in chief.

Even though Trump's tenure in the White House is temporary, and it may be shortened by his impeachment or electoral defeat, every day he occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is a day that he damages our country.

We can easily turn off a bad soap opera; erasing the damage Trump is inflicting on our nation won't be as easy.