Wilder Elementary students put on play perfect for the bird lovers


On April 11, Wilder Elementary School put on a full production of "Tweet! A Musical for the Birds." The story centers on four baby birds that are scared to fly away from the nest. The mama bird sends her bird friends to tell them about the world. The cuckoo bird said it was crazy, the hummingbird said it was scary, the squirrel said you have to be prepared, the dove said it was beautiful, the woodpecker said it was cool, the owl said it's whatever you make it to be, and the eagle said it was the most amazing journey. The musical featured 90 students ranging from second through fifth grade. More than 300 people attended. Students began practicing in January. The production was directed and choreographed by music teacher Becki McLeod. All costumes were donated thanks in part to Mayor David Merchant. Students made their own masks and the set under the direction of art teacher Kristin Sill.