Letter to the editor: What is in store for the future with a conservative super majority on the Supreme Court?


After years of meditating on the four major Holy Scriptures, I still ask, will doing the right thing, for the wrong reason, make it right? In my study, ruminating and following the Word, I must be clear I am a so-called Pro-Lifer, there are no reasons for an abortion and for a true pastor, a person of GOD to be Pro-choice. We must celebrate the achievement of the Honorable Ketanji Brown Jackson, 104th associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States and the first Black woman on the Court. After reading the 213-page Supreme Court opinion in DOBBS v. JACKSON WOMEN'S HEALTH ORGANIZATION, the Court held that: "The Constitution does not confer a right to abortion; Roe and Casey are overruled; and the authority to regulate abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives." I will write about states' rights versus federalism in another letter. I am concerned and upset with those who attack Justice Thomas and his family. We must examine how and why the court turned the issue over to each state to make their law concerning abortion. Finally, I anxiously await this super conservative court's future rulings.

"Hillary Clinton described Justice Clarence Thomas, whom she's known since they were at Yale Law School together in the '70s, as a "person of grievance." "I went to law school with him. He's been a person of grievance for as long as I have known him," Clinton said Tuesday during an interview on "CBS This Morning" with Gayle King. "Resentment, grievance, anger," she added. This describes 90% of the Black men I know with good reason. Clinton had negative comments about Mr. Obama, which is one reason she lost twice in her run for president. "Samuel L. Jackson attacked Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in a tweet Saturday after the court overturned Roe v. Wade. Jackson called Thomas "Uncle Clarence," mocking the justice for his opinion in the landmark abortion case. "Uncle Clarence" is likely a derogatory reference to the literary character "Uncle Tom," a slave character often associated with submission to a white ruling class." It appears Uncle Samuel is submitting to the Pro-choicer. We should always show brotherly love even if we do not agree with our brother.

How did we get in this position with the court? Justice Ginsburg did not retire, allowing Mr. Obama to appoint her replacement. The Senate stopped Mr. Obama from appointing the current Attorney General Garland being appointed to the Court. Mr. Trump was elected and appointed three justices. Currently Republicans have appointed six of the nine justices.

What is in store for the future? One is accepting the fact that the conservative has a super majority on the Supreme Court and most states have conservative governors and legislative elected officials who are conservative. The conservative agenda will be the law in this country for the next 20 years. Lastly, why would people attack Justice Thomas when it was Justice Alito who wrote the opinion? Why did Hillary and Samuel not attack all six justices? The reason is this is how some American media operates.