Letter to the editor: We need people on the school board who will stand up for taxpayers


The letter to the editor written by Maureen Calvo on Sept. 22 is one of the best I have ever read on this page. I would rather read hers than any of the other so-called commentaries written by smart people. I am glad we have The Sumter Item here to print such informative information. I don't know what happens to good people when they get a little power. They soon become dictators over the rest of us and assume they know what is best. Just think what these school boards would do if they had no one to put the word out about their shenanigans.

I am glad it is time to get rid of the Sumter school board. I pray each one of them loses so we can give others a chance at good governance. We need people who will stand up for us the taxpayers. We don't need people who refuse to vote because a controversial decision is being made. We need people who can stand up and tell us why they voted as they did. If you don't want to answer to us the voters, then don't run; just stay sitting on the porch. Our schools are losing students to private schools; this bleeding must stop. A great sports team will do nothing for most students, but a good, solid education will benefit all. All of our schools should be award-winning schools, and I would not mind supporting that effort. These kids are the future.

I would like to say this to the Item. There is a lot of information out there that should be in the paper, such as how would A.D. Johnson fulfill her responsibilities to both the school and her constituents. This paper is doing good, but there is more work to be done. To all who live in Sumter, Lee and Clarendon counties, you need to support The Sumter Item by subscribing to the paper. Without it, we could end up like Hampton County having a major crook hiding and stealing from them.