Top 5 television season series recommendations


This composition is going to reflect my season recommendations of various series throughout the years. Before offering my analysis, I would like to express the greatness of the seasons requires beginning the show from its onset. Each recommendation varies from genre to genre within the television outlet. It is vital to remember these reviews will contain minor spoilers. Also, these specific recommendations contain mature themes, gruesome violence and various innuendos. Parents, use discretion before introducing children to these series.

1. "True Detective" (Season 1)

The "True Detective" series serves as an anthology set of various stories focusing heavily on themes pertaining to philosophy, religion and the more menacing elements residing within the fabric of human nature. Matthew McConaughey portraying Detective Rustin Cohle and Woody Harrelson as Detective Martin Hart mesmerize viewers with their magnetic, raw and intense acting performances as two detectives investigating mysterious, grisly crimes. The story unfolds through flashbacks and present-day interrogations. Its innovative format kept viewers guessing as well as being on the edge of their seats. Running eight episodes, the series presents an intense atmosphere, leaving elements of horror to the imagination, gradually challenging the viewer in thinking outside of the box. My analysis is intentionally vague, the reason that any detailed revelations will spoil the masterpiece of this first season. "True Detective" Season 1 contains no filler, as every episode rides on the momentum into the next sequence of the story with beautiful ease.

2. "Dexter" (Season 4)

A serial killer adhering to a moral code instilled in him by his deceased father who recognized his violent tendencies, Dexter Morgan, portrayed by Michael C. Hall, utilizes his skills and knowledge as a forensic specialist hunting down far more gruesome criminals and was powerfully intriguing. I had never read or heard of that level of creativity explored in such a fashion. To say I was immediately sold on the concept would be an understatement. In the fourth season, Dexter continues adjusting to his double life as a doting husband and father along with his vigilante serial killing. A new threat lurks in the shadows with the moniker coined the Trinity Killer. "Dexter" absolutely peaked with this season. Everything from beginning to end remains pure gold. John Lithgow earned the much-deserved Emmy for his performance as The Trinity Killer. He captured the essence of an unassuming figure with evil, sinister motivations hidden deep beneath the surface. Each episode demonstrates the clear dynamic differences between the two killers in this deadly game of cat and mouse. Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter and John Lithgow are amazingly at the top of the acting game, resulting in a chilling and unforgettable ending.

3. "Vice Principals" (Season 1 and 2)

This underrated comedy series premiered on HBO, lasting only two seasons. I found myself curious after seeing the cover of the DVD, catching my interest upon noticing Danny McBride and Walton Goggins were involved with the series. "Vice Principals" is a quirky, unique, hysterical two-season affair with McBride portraying Neal Gamby and Goggins as Lee Russell. Both explosive characters are feuding over who will receive the promotion to head principal at their respective educational institutions. What follows is a series of hysterical misfortunes and unexpected alliances. McBride and Goggins display amazing comedic timing and chemistry with memorable lines, realistic facial expressions and dynamic physical comedy, creating genuine tear-inducing laughter. I will say the humor on display is crude, rude, lewd, and innuendos in dialogue pieces could bring a degree of an offense. It is best to use your own discretion before watching "Vice Principals."

4. "Supernatural" (Season 5)

Lucifer is free from his 1,000-year sentence, completing the biblical prophecy of an emerging apocalypse. Sibling hunters Sam and Dean Winchester are facing the looming threat of Lucifer also releasing the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Various angels and demons with different agendas join the battle, too. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki continue their quality outing with their humorous chemistry and emotional perspectives as brothers desperately fighting against evil. The fifth season of Supernatural from the beginning was to serve as the complete series finale for the show. Instead, its overwhelming popularity kept the show running for an additional 10 seasons. I have to say this season is perfect "Supernatural" quality with creepy atmospheric horror elements and darker biblical themes, resulting in a powerful, gripping end will break the hearts and souls of viewers.

5. "DragonBall Z" (Frieza

and the Cell Saga)

Japanese animation is a fascinating medium with intricate, emotional and intense storylines providing significant character development. I have always appreciated realistic, detailed artwork. The Frieza and Cell Saga are two tales that feature a level of writing indicating monumental stakes with world-changing proportions. Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Picollo and Trunks unite to face dominating threats seeking to eliminate the world and its inhabitants. Both Frieza and Cell are the perfect villains with no redeeming qualities on the surface and internally. Watching Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and Trunks grow in character development with increasing stakes never ceases in creating authentic emotions. Japanese anime takes character development combined with consequential themes seriously. Out of the entire "DragonBall Z" seasons, I maintain that both the Frieza and Cell Sagas are Japanese animation at its creative and emotional peak.