Letter to the editor: Thank you to all who attended, helped with light for Sumter's missing people


Before I start this editorial, I wish to thank The Item for this platform that allows the public to give thanks, recognition, make comments of concern and other expressions. I know I've sent a number of recent editorials and ask that the community indulge me in one more before I give them a break!

I wish to thank all who were in attendance for the dedication for the Light of Faith, Love and Hope. I want to thank The Item for their coverage, the presence of law enforcement, those who allocated the space and those who funded the light, and all loved ones present. I especially want to thank Angel Brown and Brent Garcia's family. In their time of grief, they pushed and did the leg work and networking to bring this project to fruition, as well as recognizing others missing.

I thought the turnout was remarkable, as I know the pain these families go through and that each event removes the Bandaid once more. Of the 20 honored, I believe nine or 10 of the missing had someone in attendance. We are all brothers and sisters in grief and determined not to allow our loved ones to become only footnotes in their chapter of life.

When a loved one goes missing, grief becomes suspended with no place for it to rest. At least now we will have a place to gather as a group, or individually to mark birthdays, anniversaries, to release balloons, leave flowers, to cry or pray.

We ask that the public remember the missing. If anyone knows anything about any of these cases to come forward and contact law enforcement, crime stoppers or a family member.

Until each case is solved, God will power the light to shine through with love, faith and hope.