Letter to the editor: Tax didn't pass because not enough emphasis was placed on right projects


I believe the Penny for Progress tax failed for the following reasons, too much wording, too many gyms, parks and community centers, world-class tennis and basketball courts.

We look around Sumter County, and there are roads that need to be paved and repaved; not enough emphases was placed on roads. Some of our roadways look as if a jungle is growing out of them. Better water treatment must be on the list. We have abandoned homes that need to be removed. I voted for the tax, but the desires for improving the Sumter Fire Department infrastructure, what does infrastructure mean?

I am sure a number of voters took this last referendum as a not-needed wish list. The Shot Pouch Greenway, I have never seen anyone on it. I believe the tax could pass next time but not with the same wording or the same items. This time it sounded like fluff. Sometimes when you place really smart people to conduct a task, they can word it to death, and us regular folks do not have a clue to what is meant. As the military taught me, KISS. Keep It Simple, Stupid.