Sumter's Next Generation, presented by CCTC: Sumter High School graduate A. Jordan Mihlbauer


Sumter's Next Generation is a series celebrating Sumter's Generation Z and their accomplishments in and out of the classroom.

Alyssa Mihlbauer, affectionately known by her middle name Jordyn, is the most comfortable outside her comfort zone.

The 18-year-old Sumter High School graduate spent the last four years diving into extracurricular activities of all kinds. From being a veteran in band to senior class vice president to being an active member of nearly every honors society, Mihlbauer left no stone unturned. One might think that her packed schedule left little time for a social life, but she got it down to a science.

"When I first got to Sumter High, it was my mom who pushed me towards the whole join everything to see what you like and see what your passion is. But because I joined everything, I found out that everything was my passion," she said. "I stuck with it all, but it did get a little hard at first to be like, oh I got to do this, I got do that. But when I kept going through high school, I realized it's OK to sacrifice one thing over another."

By having an open mind about what lies beyond her bubble, Mihlbauer discovered her interest in technology and her passion for information science - her chosen major of study come fall 2023. While on the topic of fall, Mihlbauer received over 100 acceptance letters to universities across the country. But her decision was simple.

"I'm going to the University of South Carolina Columbia," she said through a smile. "I'm someone who's heavy in student life, like with all the stuff that I do, so I'm excited for football games. I've never been to a USC game before; like a large-scale game. I will possibly join in leadership in the clubs and just meeting new people in general."

The world is Mihlbauer's comfort zone. The nervousness felt experiencing a new club or hobby for the first time is what kept her going. As she looked to graduation in June, she wanted to be remembered as someone who was not fond of the spotlight, pushed herself to try new things and hopefully inspires the next generation to do the same.

"I would tell younger Sumter students to broaden your horizon to give you more opportunities," she said. "Don't overload your plate with different outlets to where you become too stressed. Fill your plate with enough opportunities that challenge you give you backup plans, give you joy and give you comfort."

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