Sumter Little Theatre to end season with nod toward love, commonalties among relationships and the humor that gets us through


Sumter Little Theatre will end its 2023-24 season with the Tony award-winning “Love/Sick.”

Opening Thursday, June 20, “Love/Sick” takes a singular moment in time and the complicated relationships moving within. These romantic and comedic vignettes foster much deeper messages involving murder, infidelity and fear moving through the "Super Center" focal point of the show.

Bri Gray, director and longtime SLT veteran, has collected a cast of both SLT veterans and newcomers and embraces the dichotomy that brings to the stage — reflective of the story itself.

“There are levels of comfort and levels of anxiety within the cast that I love to see reflected through their characterizations. Playing characters in close relationships is a great way to cut your teeth as well as hone your craft of acting,” Gray said. “This cast has worked so diligently to become familiar enough with one another to play roles of intimacy and closeness in an authentic way. We cannot wait to share that with our audiences.”

Gray hired an intimacy coach, MaryBeth Gorman Craig, to guide the cast through the more fragile and connected scenes within the play. Gorman Craig is on the faculty of USC’s Department of Theatre and Dance. Her work enabled the cast to understand stage consent and the trust required to execute authentic and genuine scenes of deep relationships.

A minimalist stage offers the audience the chance to focus solely on the characters. The set becomes white noise, much like any other "Super Store" in any town, anywhere. It allows the audience to see and feel that these scenes hold universal feelings and concerns among couples in relationships, regardless of the specific pairing. The show will showcase both traditional and modern relationships in universal themes. Am I meant to spend the rest of my life with this person? Will my anxieties scare them off? Have I done the things I want to in my life? Do I want a family? Am I enough? All of the vignettes in “Love/Sick” harken to self-reflection and communication as the key to finding the true love within each situation.

The cast trusts one another and is dedicated to presenting a believable series of stories sure to make us laugh, maybe cry and totally "get it." It is truly an enjoyable show. It is simply presented; the emotions are real, and the acting is strong. Don’t miss this one!
“Love/Sick” will show June 20 to June 23 and June 27 to June 30. Shows will be Thursday-Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m. Tickets are available online at or by calling (803) 775-2150.