Letter to the editor: Sen. McElveen is outstanding statesman who will be missed


I am responding to an article written on March 6, 2024, "McElveen will not seek reelection for 4th term in S.C. State." Sen. Thomas McElveen is an unbelievable, gracious, kind and outstanding statesman. He will go down in history as one of the best senators to represent Sumter and South Carolina. He is a man of honor.

Sen. McElveen was elected three terms ago and has done a fantastic job representing Sumter and South Carolina. This is one of the coolest, smartest and most approachable gentlemen and a friend who served with distinction. Sen. McElveen has done a very impressive and top-notch job as a senator. He is going to be missed. He deserves all the accolades that have and will come his way. He served Sumter and South Carolina to the best of his abilities, gifts and sacrificed a lot of his time to make his community and South Carolina a better place to be.

Sen. McElveen is a great statesman. He is an outstanding man, a great husband and an impeccable father. He has always been a joy to talk to and be around. Sen. McElveen is a quality human being who lives what he preaches. He is not one way in public and another way behind closed doors. He is a man of valor who stands tall with such wit to not be above the common man. He is that type of guy. As the younger generation says, "That's my dude."

Sen. McElveen has served 12 years as senator for Sumter County and South Carolina. Sen. McElveen and the Sumter delegation are an awesome group of lawmakers and the best we will ever see in this lifetime. Sumter delegation is the envy of South Carolina. They represent the entire county with pride, understanding and tireless servanthood no matter what their political affiliation may be. Sumter County and South Carolina are blessed to have these men and women serving our state.

In closing, Sen. McElveen will always be in my view the greatest to ever serve as a senator, statesman, lawmaker and whatever title we may give him. He deserves our support, encouragement, understanding and love as he transitions back into the private sector. Sen. McElveen, you have done an outstanding and impeccable job. You have left an example, legacy and taught a class on how an elected official should serve their community. My prayers will continue to be for you, your family and what endeavors you are pursuing in the future. My hat goes off to you.


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