Letter to the editor: School board trustee should have shown respect for NAACP


"At the trustees' last meeting on Jan. 22, Area 2 Trustee Brittany English said in the Board Communications section that she had received the letter from the NAACP regarding the board and essentially threw it away. 'I just wanted to let you guys know how far your letter got with me, I think I sneezed and used it as tissue.'"

This is the amount of respect a school board member gave to a historical Black organization.

Correspondence from a citizens group about concerns they had, warranted or unwarranted, should be given a hearing at the least and not treated like they don't matter. If it were not for the NAACP and other like-minded civil rights organizations, many people would not even be allowed to sit on a local school board or attend some local schools.

I do not know what is going on with the NAACP concerns, but I do know that they as an organization are due the same respect as any other county group or citizen with business/questions before the elected board. They may be wrong or misguided, but they are right to question any elected individual about public business and be answered with the same amount of respect the elected individual expects for themselves.

I doubt if that kind of disrespect would be given to the Junior League, Lions Club or Moms for Liberty.

Just the fact that local media chose to search for and print that comment shows a level of disrespect seldom seen in a public forum.