OPINION: Save our local economy by doing your part


Dear Sumterites:

I have recently become concerned about the fact that we Sumterites might be causing our irrational fear of COVID-19 to allow many of the things that make living worthwhile to disappear forever.

My name is Don Cann, and at almost 82, I am among the theoretically most endangered; however, if we do not get out and support our local restaurants and entertainment centers, they will be gone, and when the new norm arrives, we will have scant little of the life we knew to which to return.

To me, the failure of our economy is far more threatening than the virus. My wife and I have been traveling and eating inside restaurants since April, as well as going to movies since they reopened in August. In fact, we saw two excellent movies in the last week at Beacon 12, and while obviously enjoyable to be the only two in the theater each time, I know that our movie theater owner cannot afford to support my wife and I alone in our choice of 12 empty theaters indefinitely. The business owners are doing their part! It's time for us to do ours.

Please don't allow your fear to cause our local economy to collapse. Use common sense, wear a mask when necessary, maintain social distance, but keep our future alive; do not allow living to atrophy away out of fear before we have a chance to get back to it.