Newcomer challenges incumbent in Lee County Council District 5 primary


Jacqueline Josey and Kimberly King are running in the Democratic primary for Lee County Council District 5 on June 11.

King, a first-time candidate and a certified special education teacher, shares her skills, plans and hopes for success through responses to the questionnaire below. Josey, who was reelected for the seat in 2020, did not submit responses before press time.

Kimberly King

What are you running for?

County Council District 5 (Lee County)

Why are you running?

I am running for this position to assist each community as well as to be a voice to promote equality of opportunities throughout the areas of District 5 of Lee County, with a spirit of accountability, integrity and a heart of servitude.

Have you run for political office before? If so, explain:


How long have you lived in your district?

46 years

Current job/profession:

Certified special education teacher, founder and chancellor of Restoration Bible Institute as well as senior pastor of Divine Restoration Word Ministries

What makes you qualified for the seat?

Twenty-six years of leadership experience have taught me how to become an authentic game changer to effectively lead through challenging and compromising situations, with enhanced social and communicative abilities, yet yielding creativity, while having a goal-oriented and focused mindset. Still, my eagerness to learn, my heart of compassion for people and my teambuilding skills qualify me for such appointment.

What challenges/concerns do you see in your district (up to 3), and how do you intend to improve them?

While speaking with various members of the community I have found that there is a lack of access to available opportunities as well as prevalent information that is beneficial to all citizens within the county, and thus it is my utmost priority to ensure that each community rather individually or collectively is informed and aware with updates and/or questions. I would also be an advocate for broader opportunities for the family unit and occasions that will address restoration to promote productive and growing communities as a whole.

What successes have you seen in your district that you want to build on?

I would desire to see parks throughout the areas of District 5 that will encourage exercise for healthy living for the family unit. I would also be a voice for housing development and overall growth throughout District 5.

Are you actively involved in the community? How so?

I have been active in my community for several years. I have individually as well as partnered with others for back-to-school bashes, community prayers, feeding the homeless, as well as community giveaways. I have founded and ran a youth center within the District 5 area for a number of years until its closing, giving young people opportunities of job training programs, youth feeding program, afterschool tutoring, college tours, as well as educational out-of-state trips. I have collaborated with other nonprofit organizations to pay electric bills as well as be of help to those in need of emergency room and board. I have also created opportunities within the community to bring educational highlights to mental health awareness, physical fitness as well as healthy eating.

Anything else you want to add?

As a born and raised citizen of District 5, it is my only desire to serve each community with a heart of compassion. I have vowed to be the voice of hope, restoration and opportunities however the results may end.