Letter to the editor: New law exempting military retirement from state income tax will be beneficial to state, retirees


As president of the local chapter of the Air & Space Forces Association (formerly known as the Air Force Association) and chairman of the Sumter County Veterans Association, I would like to thank our state legislature and Gov. McMaster for passing the law exempting military retirement from the state income tax (signed on May 16).

I believe this will be very beneficial to the state and the military retirees by encouraging veterans who are retiring to remain in the state and seek post-retirement employment here in South Carolina - paying taxes on their post-retirement job here in the state but not paying on their military retirement.

A win-win situation in my book, and it makes South Carolina extremely competitive to other states for keeping retired military here versus going elsewhere.

This law has been a long time in the works, and again, a big thank you and a lot of appreciation to our state legistators and governor - job well done!