Movies with Isaiah: 'After Death' is thought-provoking documentary


Angel Studios released a different feature compared to its previous outings that came in the form of "The Chosen" and "Sound of Freedom." The studio has interestingly made an impact with its films presenting inspirational, spiritually moving and thought-provoking material vastly contrasting from the standard cinematic affairs.

"After Death," rather than being a feature-length film with characters, storyline developments and revelatory concepts, is a feature-length dynamic documentary. What separates this from the last couple of Angel Studios productions is how it is an examination of theories involving the beliefs of what happens in the afterlife. "After Death" features interviews with individuals who share their journey during their near-death experiences. It offers unique insights into the scientific approach with skeptics offering their perspectives, researching consistencies within the stories and how each aspect of the experience offers different conclusions and opinions.

The topic of loss and death is a sensitive focus of discussion. Of course, there is the burning question of what happens when we pass away? What is on the other side? I have read myriad literature relating to the phenomenon. While I have my own personal beliefs surrounding the belief of the afterlife, I maintain a sincere understanding of why those hold little to no interest in the unfortunate circumstances of death itself. "After Death," for all intents and purposes, manages to avoid focusing on the horrific aspects of those who experienced a less-than-ideal journey into the afterlife and examines more stories of the hopeful, beautiful and compassionate, peaceful surroundings of various depictions of heaven.

Interviews with world-renowned cardiologists and other scientists respectfully display their healthy skepticism in an intellectual manner with views challenging various stories, evidence and how it is seemingly impossible to offer any significant evidence because there is no way of knowing what happens after life and that the only ones who know are the ones who left this realm of existence.

The subjects providing their detailed experiences share beautiful recountings of events, and there are two stories that instill chilling and crippling fear. It is those two sharing of events that sent such a horrifying fear within my heart where I cannot articulate the paralyzing isolation and terror in the human language. I always appreciate viewpoints that offer methods of thinking outside of the box into the world of impossibilities and intelligent discussions without fear of controversy. "After Death" offers an introspective and thought-provoking view into theories and listening to claims of those who stated they have experienced life after death.

My only minor grievance about the film is that I do wish it were a bit longer and more focus were placed onto those experiences into the darker reflections of their transitioning phase. I also would have preferred more viewpoints from skeptics using their scientific credentials in explaining their beliefs as well. However, it is understandable given the direction of the documentary and how it is a complete presentation of hope, peace, compassion and beauty rather than despair. Individuals sharing details of their passing involve a pilot in a plane crash, a woman who drowned while kayaking, a man in a deadly car crash, another with an infectious stomach disease and two suicide attempts. There are very heavy themes of isolation, grief and impactful self-reflections as they share their life-altering stories.

"After Death" receives a 9/10 and two thumbs up as my final rating. I do recommend it for anyone interested in watching a documentary feature offering intelligent, respectful and complex discussions as to what possibly happens in the afterlife. An interesting and powerful view.

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