Millwood Elementary School holds Harvest Health fundraiser for Wellness Week

Events benefit local farm, school and health of families


The Millwood Elementary School Parent Teacher Association teamed up with Dorr Farms to promote healthy eating as part of their Wellness Week fundraiser on Wednesday.

Jasmine Ballier, president of the Millwood Elementary School PTA, said this was the first time hosting a Wellness Week fundraiser.

"Since we've been social distancing, I felt like the families were home and in need of a little extra support, and kids have been at home," Ballier said. "Showing the kids a sense of normalcy and that the PTA and school are still here to support them. That's basically what we do as a PTA."

Wellness Week was full of many fundraising opportunities, as well as teaming up with local businesses in the community.

"We are partnering with some local businesses to promote wellness, fitness and eating right with our families," Ballier said. "It's also another way we can connect with our school community as well as our businesses."

To celebrate Wellness Week, the PTA partnered with Eric Johnson's Bootcamp for fitness health and Johnny's Garden and Juice Bar for healthy eating for other fundraisers. Ballier continued the healthy eating category by teaming up with Dorr Farms, which provided about 90 farm boxes full of either vegetables or fruits.

Marie Dorr, owner of Dorr Farms, said one of the PTA members brought the fundraiser idea to her about the time they first started selling farm boxes during the coronavirus pandemic.

"They're pushing the healthy eating," Dorr said. "They asked us to do a farm box fundraiser. It ties in with promoting healthy eating."

Dorr said it was good to see parents purchase the farm boxes and take them home to their families. It really showed how much the parents care about their child's health.

The fundraiser was not only beneficial to a student or the family's health, but it was also beneficial to local farmers.

Dorr Farms received a portion of the money from the fundraiser, while the PTA put the rest of the money toward the elementary school.

Ballier said the PTA is trying to collect enough money to sponsor a drive-in movie night for the students and their families in the near future.

"We're trying to get that sponsored and off the ground," Ballier said. "It's just another event to connect the kids in the community so they'll still have somewhere to go and things to do other than being home."

She said the students of Millwood Elementary School deserve a fun-filled event to attend amid the pandemic while also spending time with their families and schoolmates.

"Not only is nutrition important during COVID," Ballier said, "but it's also important that we keep the families connected to the school community."