Letter to the editor: Life endangered at Tuomey during recent admission


I had a horrible hospital experience recently at Prisma Tuomey Hospital when I was admitted on March 24, 2024. I had a small bowel obstruction and am a retired physician, so I well know about the care I got. I have written a letter for The Item that I would like published warning the people of Sumter about the dangers of being admitted to Tuomey and the incompetent hospitalists they have there now, after getting rid of the good ones before.

My life was endangered when I was not allowed to eat or drink with a tube down my stomach for several days and I did not realize it, but I was not on any glucose IV solution and my sugar dropped very low to 52 and I could have died, if it were not for a very sharp nurse who saw my low blood sugar on my labs from the early morning and gave me IV glucose and saved my life. There were several other issues as well.

I feel, as a doctor, that I need to let the people of Sumter at least know this and do as they see best for them.