Letter: What you will really be voting for this November


I was inspired to write this after reading last week's "What will you be voting for this November" letter to the editor. It's tiring but predictable that people like the writer use false comparisons and lies when it comes to talking about Democrats and Joe Biden.

When I say that I'm voting for Joe Biden, what I'm really voting for is:

- Free and fair elections;

- Access to affordable health care;

- A belief in science and a desire to fight coronavirus and climate change;

- Decency and empathy; and

- The protections of everyone's rights, not just the rights for the people who vote like you.

The last several years under the Trump administration has seen a level of government corruption that would make Nixon blush. We have been bombarded daily with lies, scandals and insults. We could have beaten the pandemic and saved over 210,000 lives, except the current administration decided it was easier to lie and say that it would pass.

The American public is tired and they see through the lies of the writer and the lies of the Trump administration. If they didn't, why would we be seeing record turnout this election?

Remember: it's not too late to vote. Go to scvotes.org to check your registration status and where to vote.