Letter: Voting machine error should be reported to local, state boards


I live in Sumter County, in McCrays Mill 2 precinct (Meadowcroft), and went to vote this afternoon (Wednesday, Oct. 8) around 3:30 p.m. at the Broad Street early voting location across from Lowe's.

After going through the check-in process where I presented my voter registration card and picture ID, I was escorted to a voting machine, and I began voting. But the machine also gave me slates to vote on for the city of Sumter - there was no option for "N/A" or the like, so I raised my hand, and the lady who came to see what the issue was listened and went back to the registration clerk, spoke with her, and the upshot was that it was OK.

I pointed out that I am a county resident and shouldn't have the option to vote in the city elections and was again told "not to worry, it was OK," even though the machine flagged my choices and sent me back to cast a vote. Thinking maybe the system would ignore my city votes, I went ahead and voted at random and wrote in two "John Doe" votes on write-ins the machine insisted I fill in. I also asked if the city voters got to vote on country elections and got a mumbled, "It'll be OK." Saying the non-applicable votes will be ignored by the system and the system ignoring them are two different things.

This is a serious issue and should be reported to the Sumter election board and to the state board. I'm pretty sure the campaign committees would be interested as well. I am not sure my vote will be counted, and that really gets under my skin.


USAF, retired