Letter to the editor: Why are pedophiles so protected in our society?


Ask yourself, what is a pedophile? Is a pedophile someone who deserves a slap on the wrist for the serious crimes they've committed? Does your answer change if the pedophile's crime was committed against one of "your" family members? Life is full of choices. We're taught as children that there's good in the world, and then there's bad in the world. As we get older, we truly learn the difference between good and evil. In my opinion, a pedophile is someone who chose evil over good. For this reason, I feel that the punishment handed to them is what they deserve. After all, isn't the pedophile the one who chose to commit the crime? The victim certainly didn't ask to be attacked nor violated in any way.

The thing that I certainly don't understand is how a pedophile can be released from prison and then be allowed to return to society? Some may place the blame of the crime committed by a pedophile on a mental issue. "That's fair enough." But this leads me to my next question. "Why is a pedophile not ordered to reside in a mental facility after serving their time in prison?" I won't ever forget the question asked to me by a preacher. He asked me, "Do you want the pedophile to remain behind bars forever?" Years later, my answer remains the same. "The memories of the crime committed by the pedophile won't ever leave the mind of his victim, so why not?" The question that was asked was influenced heavily by the fact that the pedophile was the family member of that preacher.

Family members don't care how the crimes of "their" family members affect others. They somehow become blinded and only think of the well-being of the pedophile. This isn't right! How can anyone who has any sense of morals and values place the blame on a child who is the victim?

We simply can't expect pedophiles to stop molesting and/or raping people when their family members are upholding them in their wrongdoing. When an adult can blame a child for being molested, we know something is terribly wrong. Why won't family members of a pedophile stop protecting them? Instead of making them feel that what they've done is right, they should let them know that it's wrong.

Parents, think of all the times you've attended recreational events with your children. Can you count the number of times there were pedophiles present as you sent your children to the concession stands? If your answer is no, let's ask ourselves why. Is society so concerned with the pedophile being free that they allow them to attend these events without even letting parents know that these pedophiles are present? Why does the pedophile get so much respect from society while the victim is left in shambles? This is an issue, and it's very unfair for parents not to be aware that a pedophile is present at these sporting events.

We must remember that the pedophile didn't do us a favor by serving "his" prison time. We all have choices in life. When you choose bad over good, you deserve to suffer the consequences. However, today, it seems as if though this issue is being avoided by any and everyone who can make any kind of difference.

Society doesn't need to have mentally unstable people running around free waiting to commit the very same crime that they've already committed, or worse. If anyone would like to know, I feel as though we're all sitting ducks. We're waiting to hear about the next child that will be molested or the next woman who will be raped. This doesn't have to be the case. Where are all of the lawmakers? Where are the members of the board that should be creating better laws?

Stop allowing pedophiles to walk away with slaps on the wrist! Let's take action! Again, a victim should never have to feel like they're responsible for what's happened to them. Not ever!