Letter to the editor: Thank you to voters for supporting Zell during Senate District 36 campaign, election


Dear Sumter friends and neighbors, I am grateful for our overwhelming support during the recent election. Though I was confident coming into election day, the landslide victory was a bit unexpected, and we attribute this success to the support we have received and God's divine providence.

I want to thank everyone who participated in the election. The level of participation, or lack thereof, will impact the upcoming November outcome.

The voter turnout was approximately 12.7 percent, prompting us to reflect on the status quo and ask ourselves whether we are content with the current situation. But I also must make a call to action for 87.3%, or almost nine in 10 voters, who didn’t vote.
This community needs you to step up! Nothing changes unless you do!

We face challenges such as high rates of violent crime, issues in the education system, slow economic growth in certain areas, urban sprawl in others and infrastructure needs in rural areas, such as the ones that the good people of Barrineau are facing. Additionally, we are dealing with gang violence, drugs and the unfortunate circumstances of our young men and women turning to crime and drugs due to a lack of hope and opportunities. We are murdering one another at a rate that is similar to what you see in Kabul, Afghanistan!
These issues are far from normal and completely unacceptable.

I'm committed to improving the lives of Sumter citizens, even those who are primarily motivated only by keeping their guy in power.
It is crucial to bring real accountability to the areas where it is most needed. We must address rising health care costs, inflation, per-pupil education costs, etc. We need to face these challenges as a community; unfortunately, many in public office have little interest in doing anything about them!

The upcoming general election will present two distinct perspectives: We can either accept the current situation and re-elect the incumbent, or we can elect a reformer dedicated to bringing about the necessary change.

The choice is ours to make!

Finally, I thank Pastor Leon Winn for his commendable and honorable campaign and acknowledge his valuable work for the community. I am committed to supporting and enhancing his efforts in the future.

Thank you for allowing me to serve the wonderful people of my adopted county!
In His service,

Sumter School Board Trustee, Area – 8
Republican Nominee, SC Senate District 36