Letter to the editor: State's students, taxpayers need a new voice and fresh outlook


An old (and correct) saying is "if you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got." That is true in the superintendent race as well. We have too often elected and re-elected those who have already proven they are devoid of new ideas to revitalize our schools.

Ellen Weaver is our best hope for a new beginning to make the most of our valuable young people as they begin life's journey. Their progress in school is a sign of how they will do on that journey, and they deserve to be provided the proper tools. Kathy Maness bills herself as a conservative Republican, but she has been associated with the teachers and teachers' "union," and I believe the students and taxpayers will be better served with a new voice and fresh outlook.

Ellen Weaver has made the commitment to obtain a master's degree before the general election, meeting eligibility requirements. That will, as well, include the latest educational thinking to incorporate in our teaching. Vote Ellen Weaver in the Republican primary on Tuesday for a fresh approach.