Letter to the editor: St. Anne's church is a Sumter landmark


I have been attending St. Anne's since November 2019, and I have recently learned a disturbing fact. I have learned that there are plans to build a new church and demolish St. Anne's. If I were a member of the lay leadership, I would be fighting this tooth and nail. This church, in my opinion, is a Sumter landmark not only for its age (100+) but the beautiful stained glass made by a company in Austria. I was told that the building is in bad condition, but I would think funds in the building fund would be sufficient to make needed repairs. We have the technology. I pointed out that I have attended services in European churches 800-1,000 years old. They survived wars, plagues and other calamities. I tried posting on their Facebook page, but no results. Hopefully, enough like-minded citizens will read this.