Letter to the editor: Maness will affect state's education system positively


Kathy Maness is by far the most qualified candidate for superintendent of education in South Carolina. Some of my reasons for supporting her are:

1. Kathy has a bachelor's degree in elementary education, master's degree in early childhood education, certification in education administration.

2. She has worked as a classroom teacher.

3. Kathy has served as an active parent volunteer in her children's school. She also assisted in my classroom when I needed help even though I didn't teach one of her children.

4. I have seen her in action as state executive director of Palmetto State Teachers Association. In this position, Kathy's heart for education came alive. She has kept teachers informed about legislation that directly affected them, students and parents.

5. Kathy has also found time to serve on Lexington Town Council, again striving to better her community. She has even been nationally recognized for her municipal government leadership.

It has been my privilege to know Kathy for several years, as a Christian, a hard worker, a dedicated parent, a teacher and an honest person who puts others ahead of herself.

She has a listening ear and a desire to improve the system.

Thank you for your vote to elect Kathy Maness. Watch the positive effect she will have on education in our wonderful State of South Carolina!



Retired teacher (40+ years of experience)