Letter to the editor: Letter writer needs to reread her own letter


In the letter which Dr. Brenda Williams wrote to the newspaper on May 6 referencing the city's senior advisory and directorship positions, she first gives the percentage of Blacks (48%) and whites (42%) in the city's population, then states that "… there must not be any discrimination or prejudice based on race, creed, sexuality or language factors." I agree with her at times on some of the positions she takes, but not this time.

It seems, from the statements made in her letter, that it is fine to discriminate as long as it favors the Black population. It is advocating for discrimination when, as she then says, the City of Sumter must "... speed the appointment of a proportionate number of Black citizens to its roster of senior advisory and directorship positions which is in accordance to, and directly proportional to the Black citizenry population in the City of Sumter as documented by the US Census Report." Yet the majority of her letter contradicts this quoted statement.

Dr. Williams needs to reread her own letter, for it is the very opposite of the previous statement she made. I do not agree with her prejudice in this case.