Letter to the Editor: China should scare every American


I wrote an article last year about communist China as our most dangerous enemy, both economically and military. In 2018, there were 363,000 communist Chinese students in our best colleges earning technical degrees, and 5,000 received technical Ph.D.s. How stupid our leaders are to help promote communist technical superiority. Now here are two examples where I have personal experience about the dangerous Chinese communist behavior in the U.S.

First, I worked for a high-tech company (most advanced technology in the field), and I was in close proximity to a recent Chinese Ph.D. engineering graduate from one of our best engineering colleges. He went by the American name of Jimmy. His Chinese wife, also a recent Ph.D. technical graduate, worked for another high-tech company down the street. They did not socialize with other company employees and spent their weekends in the nearby mountains. After a few years, they went back to their homeland, communist China. How does this add any value to the future of the U.S. and in fact benefits our No. 1 enemy?

Second, and this is worse. I went to college with Tim, my best friend, and after college, he started his own highly successful company. Tim designed new machines to manufacture this new product along with taking a lot of financial risk. Then some 35 years later, the Chinese communists started buying the product. As time went by, the communists became the biggest customer and spent more and more time at Tim's manufacturing facility. Then when Tim was in his 60s, the communists copied the manufacturing process in China and used cheap labor to put Tim out of business.

Now China provided the product for a lot less to all customers throughout the world. Tim, now in his late 70s, had to refinance his house and barely gets by, not to mention that 45 of Tim's employees lost their jobs.

The bottom line is that a major course correction is needed with communist China, the less contact and cooperation the better. Buy American … so each of us can do our part.