Letter to the editor: Ask candidates questions about transportation, education, accessibility for disabled residents


I am continually amazed how the county's chairman and the city's mayor sleep at night while a large number of Sumter citizens are struggling to survive and obtain basic living. The questions for elected and individuals seeking our vote should be: What have you done or will do to improve Sumter? Let us take a look at accessibility and transportation for the disabled citizens. Once again education in our county.
I am a disabled veteran in Sumter and disappointed that the city’s HOPE centers, the city’s Liberty Street office building along with the new police station do not have automatic doors for wheelchair-bound citizens. The question is does Code Enforcement check for proper doors on buildings to meet ADA standards or allow public buildings to operate without working restrooms?
The people operating our public transportation in this county are doing an outstanding job transporting our disabled and people needing to visit their doctor’s office with a limited budget. I believe the city and county should supplement their budget to provide bus services on Saturdays, more Fix routes, and the purchasing of new buses.
I am so disappointed that the mayor and chair have no opinion or input in our children’s education other than stopping by once a year in the election cycle. When there is no millage increase for the past 15 years, that has the effect of a budget cut for education. I am deeply concerned about the new racist 10-point grading system. I carefully listen to people against the 50% grading yet support giving more weight to advanced classes. It astounds me that the same people against the 50% grading had no problem accepting and receiving 400 points on their SAT score to help them get into college. The 10-point system helps selected students get the Palmetto Scholarship: paid for by the poor playing and losing with the lottery.
I still believe we should vote against the Penny for Progress if dirt roads, new public transportation buses and routes and school millage are not on the agenda. Why did they schedule the first penny tax meeting on election day? Do they want your input?
#A United Sumter, GOD Bless the U.S.A.