Letter: Those who attacked Capitol are still racial terrorists


If America was a nation under God as it purports to be, slavery, racism, lynching, bigotry, racial prejudice, judicial disparity and discrimination would not have been such a widely accepted practice in American society and so intricately woven into the American republic.

I assure you America was never a nation under God.

America's response to the terrorist attacks on her Black and brown citizenry has been anemic at best.

America has provided safe haven and comfort for racial terrorists from the beginning. And now, because those they sheltered, protected and coddled have attacked their democracy, they want to change their distinction from racial terrorists and white supremacists to domestic terrorists.

Who cares what you call them?

Whether racial or domestic, all acts of terrorism by Americans against Americans are acts of domestic terrorism.

Let's get real and keep it real.

The chickens have come home to roost. Just because they came and roosted in the Capitol doesn't change who they are. They are still racial terrorists.