Letter: Support Dr. James Blassingame for Sumter City Council Ward 2 seat in november


It is my honor and pleasure to endorse Dr. James Blassingame for Sumter City Council Ward 2. Dr. Blassingame has already proven a love and commitment to the residents of Sumter through many years of service as a pastor, community board representative and just being a good citizen. He is relentless in his support of the community and will represent the interest of all in a fair and balanced way.

I have known Dr. Blassingame for more than 35 years. He officiated my wedding when I married his first cousin, Diane Blassingame, back in 1985. I have been blessed since that time to be the beneficiary of his counsel.

Throughout my relationship with Dr. Blassingame, he always acts with integrity, caring, thoughtfulness and is an exceptionally good listener - traits that are useful during city council deliberations. His commitment to the community along with his personal beliefs will ensure "doing the right thing" will be the foundation for all his decisions.

The citizens of Sumter City Council Ward 2 will be fortunate to have a person like Dr. Blassingame to represent them. That is why I am encouraging all my family and friends from that area to vote for him.


Former Sumter County resident

Clemson University alumnus

Former Duke Energy human resources professional