Letter: Rev. Blassingame is the best candidate for Sumter City Council Ward 2


It gives me immense pleasure to write this letter giving my support to Rev. James Blassingame's campaign for City Council Ward 2. He is the most capable candidate for the job. I have known him for 13 years as a member of his church. I have worked with him as a member of the Trustee Ministry, chairman of the Finance Committee, and lead editor of the church newsletter. He brings excellent credentials and ability to this position. We must vote our values. Rev. Blassingame exhibits the values of Ward 2 and the citizens of the City of Sumter.

Rev. Blassingame is my pastor, and I have collaborated very closely with him. I have observed many characteristics of his leadership abilities, such as compassion for others, intelligence, intuitiveness, listening skills, open-mindedness and respect for others and their opinions. His dedication and caring for his church congregation and community are above reproach.

His experiences have given him a wide range of knowledge and skills. He has worked as a clinical pastor with the South Carolina Department of Corrections, where he provided pastoral care to inmates in a maximum-security prison, including those on death row. This experience has given him knowledge of the judicial system and the problems that confront our prisoners. His experience in education includes serving on the South Carolina School Improvement Council and substitute teaching in our public schools. He has worked with our youth through the YouthLink of South Carolina and has volunteered his time to mentor our most vulnerable young men. Rev. Blassingame's experience is further expanded by working with the elderly at Covenant Place of Sumter Inc. and the Pee Dee Citizens Committee on judicial qualifications which are critical skills for a position on the City Council.

Beyond a doubt, Rev. Blassingame is the most qualified person to be elected as the Ward 2 representative. His presence as the representative for Ward 2 will be fruitful and rewarding to the City Council. I am extremely proud to support him and strongly recommend him as the representative for Ward 2.


Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church Trustee Ministry