LETTER: Parnell wants to be active, give back to Sumter


There are good people running for mayor. This is the first time in 20 years we have had to elect a new mayor due to the fine leadership of Joe McElveen. We are all very thankful for Joe's service.

The time has come to elect a new mayor, and I will be supporting Archie Parnell. Archie has a vision for moving Sumter forward, a proven record of accomplishments in government and in the private sector and in enhancing the welfare of all his fellow citizens. He spent significant parts of his youth in Sumter, graduating from Sumter High School. After USC Law School, he worked at the highest levels of the legislative and executive branches of our federal government. He then worked in the private sector for Fortune 500 companies here and around the world. He finished his business career as a senior manager overseeing billions of dollars in assets. He is also a teacher and has taught as an adjunct faculty member at the USC School of Law and taught a course on tax policy at the top law school in India.

Archie and his family could live anywhere. They chose to come home to Sumter to be active and to give back.

Archie used his knowledge of the tax code to help many Sumterites negotiate the CARES Act passed in response to the coronavirus. He has provided insights to the businesses here in Sumter in his field of expertise, tax policy. He and his wife initiated a program with the goal of providing masks to every student, staff and faculty member in Sumter County schools, both public and private. This would amount to 22,500 total masks contributed with support of generous benefactors and several local churches.

Archie is decisive, insightful and selfless. He understands that a community that treats all of its citizens with respect and dignity will thrive. Therefore, he has committed to contribute his salary as mayor to Sumter United Ministries.

Archie and Sarah appreciate the blessings they have received. Contributing his salary as mayor to an active and effective public charity is just one of the many ways that Archie and his family are committed to give back to the city that he has always considered his hometown.