Letter: Examine the issues that confront us before voting on Nov. 3


As Nov. 3 rolls ever closer, I am perplexed and amazed that the polls, accurate or not, indicate that Joe Biden has a real chance of becoming our next president! To me, it is preposterous that an incumbent Trump, with his record of accomplishment, could be denied a second term and the helm passed to an individual who has spent more than half of his long life in Washington and accomplished nothing! (Grand jury indictment for crimes committed while in office do not qualify as accomplishments for sake of this discussion) But save that for a later day, I hope! I can only imagine (not going to sing) what Mr. Trump could have done in his first term were it not for the gaggle of hatred-filled, insanely jealous folks on the left (Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, et al) hanging around his neck, accusing him of every misdeed known to man and in general just making his life difficult. A lesser man or woman would have, long ago, thrown in the towel! Instead, he moved on to bigger and greater things such as confronting, eyeball to eyeball, with the likes of Putin and Kim Jong-un! That's not what comes to my mind when you say, "in bed with"! The MAGA train was roaring down the tracks reaching desired new highs and lows, depending, and then COVID-19 made its entrance! Mr. Trump and Co. took immediate action to limit the effects of this pandemic while the creatures from the mad lagoon (Dems) danced wildly and said no when he said yes and yes when he said no! You know that story as it is ongoing! Hindsight being 20-20, it's too bad we did not consult with Ole Joe cause he had the plan all along! Just ask him! He can't tell you the plan, just that he has it and that his was and is so much better than Mr. Trump's! "Come on man." Show your cards, Joe, and we'll concede the election and bow down!

Elections have consequences. True statement and first uttered, I believe by the Democrats after Mr. Obama took the White House. But how soon they forgot their own words when "the Donald" put it to "Crooked Hillary" in 2016! To hear them tell it, that was just wrong, and they have left no stone unturned in attempts to remove Mr. Trump from office. In the process I, and others, became deplorables! Thanks Hillary! Coming from your lips, it's music to my ears! We are once again about to face those consequences, so I hope we get this right! If so, the good ole USA will remain the nation we love and will fight for, and in far too many cases, already died for! The other possibility changes everything, and I shudder to think! Let's not find out! Please, please examine the issues that confront us and cast your vote with that in mind. For a quick tutorial, check out Mr. Ralph Baker's letter to the editor, The Sumter Item, Oct. 22. Nicely said, Mr. Baker!

Finally, we need to keep Lindsey Graham in the fold. He will be paramount in cleaning out the corruption in the "hallowed halls." Perhaps unsure of one another at one time, he and Mr. Trump now walk hand in hand! God bless America, and may He keep us all safe!