Letter: Byrd knows how to get things done for District 3


Re-invest your vote in County Councilman Jimmy Byrd because he is investing in you!

I urge you to vote for Jimmy Byrd because he has a proven track record of winning for County Council District 3. As County Council vice chairman, he secured funding and was able to get 18 miles of road repaved and improved. He's been key to the revitalization of his district, but there is more work to do!

Jimmy also knows the importance that law enforcement is to a healthy community, particularly in communities where higher crime exists. While there is an ill-advised national outcry for "defunding police," Jimmy is calling for "defending police"! While still understanding that any institution of power, such as LEO agencies, should always be some state of reform because civil and human rights are always at stake. Jimmy knows that reforms should always be thoughtful and deliberate, not reactionary or radical. In fact, Jimmy is the head of the County's Public Safety Committee and has never missed an opportunity to show how much he values our law enforcement agencies and has ensured that they are the best equipped and best trained in S.C.

Jimmy also is very aware and in the front of Sumter County's economic growth. He understands that a good education is the cornerstone of a thriving economy! Jimmy has made it very public where he stands on the abysmal handling of finances by previous administrations of the Sumter County school board. Instead of doing more of the same and throwing more hard-earned Sumterites' taxes to the district, and he's holding them accountable. Jimmy recognizes there is more than just the school board's needs represented when talking about school funding. The rate-payer should also have a voice, and Jimmy has proven he understands this. He also very much understands the vital connection between an educated workforce and a strong and growing economy.

Jimmy knows how to get things done, and that's why he needs to be re-elected on Nov. 3!