Letter: Bowen wants to be mayor to better lives in Sumter


Hello, I am Realtor Eydie McCombs. I would like to voice my support for Debbie Bowen for mayor. Debbie is from a military family and has been a member of this community most of her life. She is a Realtor, wife and mother. She adopts the people around her and betters lives when and wherever possible.

I believe that Debbie can grow the relationship between Shaw Air Force Base and our town. She has the best interest of everyone no matter what your wallet says.

Debbie's leadership can be seen in the establishment of her own brokerage, "Bowen and Associates Realty," and how quickly it has grown in a short time. Her hard work and professionalism are evident in all that she has achieved.

As she has realized her dreams and goals, Debbie has not forgotten where she came from. Debbie Bowen is not taking office for notoriety but rather so her children, grandchildren and each of us has a better life. She is tenacious when pursuing a cause, which is needed when trying to make improvements. We are an ever growing and changing world. We need people that care how the decisions affect everyone.

Hope you join me in supporting Debbie Bowen for mayor.