Learn to recognize the signs of mental illness


Mental health disorders cover a wide range of conditions. These disorders can affect your mood, thinking and actions. Lots of people may have mental health concerns. But when there are signs or symptoms that cause stress and your ability to live a normal life, this may be a sign of mental illness. May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Trying to recognize the signs of a mental illness isn't always easy. The National Alliance on Mental Illness has some common signs to look out for:

- Lots of worrying or fear;

- Feeling very sad or low;

- Confused thinking or problems learning;

- Extreme mood changes;

- Strong feelings of anger;

- Avoiding friends or social activities;

- Changes in sleeping habits;

- Low energy;

- Changes in eating habits like lack of appetite;

- Overusing drugs or alcohol;

- Thinking about suicide; and

- A serious fear of weight gain or concern with appearance.

Learning about mental health is important. It can help you detect signs of mental illness in yourself or others. Don't be afraid to reach out if you or someone you know needs help. Read more about these signs on NAMI's website, www.nami.org/About-Mental-Illness/Warning-Signs-and-Symptoms.

If you or someone you know is in a crisis, call or text 988 for help.