Key deadline looms in days at S.C. Statehouse


COLUMBIA (AP) - A key deadline for legislation is coming up soon at the South Carolina Statehouse.

Thursday marks the crossover deadline. Any bill that passes the House or Senate after that deadline must get a two-thirds vote in the other chamber to be considered.

That high bar makes it difficult to take up issues that have significant opposition.

A few bills that are trying to pass one chamber before the crossover deadline are a hate crimes bill in the House and a Senate proposal to allow medical marijuana.

The General Assembly's regular session ends on May 13. There will likely be special sessions later to deal with adding spending to the state budget and redistricting after the population figures from the 2020 U.S. Census are released later this year.

Lawmakers have passed 12 bills so far this year. Most are local. The three biggest ones were a ban on almost all abortions that has been suspended after a lawsuit as well as small pay increases for teachers and a COVID-19 relief and vaccine package.